Dr. med. Horst Kuni

Nuclear Physician
University Professor retired


Data Privacy Policy

The webspace used by this site is provided by the Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ) for the members and affiliates of the Philipps-University Marburg/Lahn. Hence for this site the Data Privacy and Security Policy of the Philipps-University is to applied.

No personal data are collected except for the IP address (see below) and solely a Piwik-cookie is stored for establishing access statistics (in January 2018, the analysis software Piwik was renamed as Matomo). You can configure your browser so that HTTP-cookies are not stored and you can delete all stored HTTP-cookies. Alternatively, you will find in the Data Privacy and Security Policy of the Philipps-University an option field, to deactivate (opt-out) the storage of the Piwik-cookie. The Piwik-Cookie is set by an embedded JavaScript. Thus, you can configure your browser so that JavaScripts are not be executed.

To ensure the functional and organisational operation of the website, in accordance with Art. 28 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and based on legitimate interest, the HRZ stores this access data for five complete days; thereafter due to rotation the data are automatically deleted. The IP address will be stored shortened by the last byte and therefore anonymised. Thus assigning an IP address to an individual is not possible or only with a disproportionate effort. To prevent an continuing or imminent threatening intentional attack of the website and, in case, to secure proofs of the attacks, the Philipps-University reserves the right, to deactivate the anonymisation of the IP address in the log files for a short period.
The following data are automatically recorded and communicated by your browser:

Type and version of the browser used, operating system (OS) used, referrer URL (the previously visited website), hostname and internet service provider of the system accessing our site (IP address), date and time of the server request and the HTTP standard response code of the server.
Only legal authorities have the license to identify a personal relation of an IP address.

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