Biographical Statement ― Hans-Ludwig Blohm (


Hans Blohm is an internationally acclaimed master photographer, who has travelled across Canada extensively to capture the country's spirit on film. His one-man exhibition "From Bona Vista to Vancouver" was presented by the Goethe Institute in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto before touring Europe under the sponsorship of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

The list of Hans Blohm's clients reads like a "Who's Who" of Canadian institutions and enterprises. His assignments have taken him to locales ranging from the exotic to the highly prestigious. The first-ever production of a photographic catalogue of all artworks in the custody of the National Gallery was undertaken by Hans Blohm and another photographer on the occasion of the Gallery's 100th anniversary. His work in the Canadian House of Commons has found him at various times perched on top of the Speaker's table or constructing a special "tent" to control lighting around the highly polished Speaker's mace. And how many photographers have had the occasion to support their camera with a solid gold bar while working deep within the main vault of the Royal Bank of Canada!

Canada's North and Northern People have long held a particular fascination for Hans Blohm. He has criss-crossed the high arctic by floatplane taking thousands of aerial photographs, has personally driven three times from his home in Ottawa over the Mackenzie Ice Road to Tuktoyaktuk on the Beaufort Sea (logging over 25000 km on a single trip), and has explored by sailboat the remote, uninhabited fjords of Labrador.

An altogether different aspect of Hans Blohm's work has focussed on the High Technology sector. Images of integrated circuits captured on Hans Blohm's research microscope have appeared in the corporate publications of Nortel, Mitel Semiconductor (now Zarlink) and Mosaid. A number of these, blown up into large backlit mural panels, were used to create a stunning panoramic array greeting visitors upon their arrival at Mitel's main reception lobby.

To date, Canada Post has produced no fewer than 18 commemorative and decorative special issue stamps using Blohm images. The first stamp to feature Blohm photography was for National Art Gallery 100th Anniversary and portrayed a sculpture.

Hans Blohm's photographs are distributed worldwide by "Masterfile," Canada's largest stock image agency, here he has been a contributor for over 20 years.

In addition to travelling the country in search of unforgettable images, Hans Blohm has found the time to publish several books of various interests, including children's books, some in collaboration with other experts. The text for "Sciencescape - the Nature of Canada" (Oxford University Press Canada), for example, was written by eminent scientist and broadcaster, David Suzuki. Hans Blohm's latest book, based on his experiences with northern people, "The Voice of the Natives-The Canadian North and Alaska", originally published in English and German (Penumbra Press), is currently being translated into Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit.

Selected List of Publications:

1.      and Paul Russell. The Beauty of BC. Methuen Publishing, 1983.

2.      and Paul Russell. The Beauty of Ontario. Methuen Publishing, 1983.

3.      and Paul Russell. The Beauty of Quebec. Methuen Publishing, 1984.

4.      and Paul Russell. The Beauty of The Maritimes. Methuen Publishing, 1984.

5.      and Rudi Haas, David Suzuki. Egg-carton Zoo. Oxford University Press Canada, 1986.

6.      and Claus M. Maske. Alaska. Oxford University Press Canada, 1985.

7.      and Rudi Haas, Heike Blohm. Egg-carton Zoo II. Oxford University Press Canada, 1986.

8.      and David Suzuki. Sciencescape - The Nature of Canada. Oxford University Press Canada, 1986.

9.      and Stafford Beer, David Suzuki. Pebbles to Computers: The Thread. Oxford University Press Canada, 1986.

10. The Voice of the Natives - The Canadian North and Alaska. English and German. Penumbra Press, 2001.

Main Exhibitions:

1.      "From Bona Vista to Vancouver Island", Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Great Britain, France, Ireland, Germany, and Austria, organized by Foreign Affairs Canada, 1983-1990.

2.      "Serendipity. Art Forms in High Technology, Nature and the Cities", three copies at the same time on four continents, e.g. Tokyo, Santiago, Lima, Bogota, Sydney, Perth, Wellington, and Caracas, organized by Foreign Affairs Canada, 1984 – 1991.

3.      "From Pebbles to Computers", a philosophical, historical, and partly technological overview of information technology from Graeco-Roman times to the present, four copies at the same time on four continents, e.g. Ottawa, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Boston, Atlanta, Bonn, Berlin, Paris, Dublin, Brussels, The Hague, La Haye, Belgrade, Islamabad, Karachi, Bombay, Delhi, Bangkok, Singapore, Manila, Jakarta, Tokyo, Peking, Moscow, Riga, San Jose, Mexico City, Havana, Caracas, Santiago, Bogota, and Lima, organized by Foreign Affairs Canada, 1985 – 1991.