Dar, Mai

Mai Dar

(Vis. Res. Prof. MAI DAR)
-- Polyglot & Polyhistor --
International Alumnus with Selected Educational Experiences:
ASEAN (Jakarta; Manila; Songkhla);
EU (Freiburg, Hamburg, Berlin; Cracow, Lodz, Torun; Vilnius; Sofia);
RF (Kaliningrad);
US (LA.),
Unesco World Heritage
Upper Middle Rhine
"Loreley Valley"
MAI DAR -- ("polyglot & polyhistor") -- he is a cosmospolitan person living in a culturally diverse society or diaspora and a natural born linguist or multilingual speaker (POLYGLOT); His regular "lecture tours" in the closed academic circles represent his vision on the development of relevant topics such as universal history, comparative mythology, philosophy, religiosity or phenomenolgy. Not only economic philosophy, phenomenology and arts, but interregionalism and polemology had shaped his complementary visions and he regarded himself as a universal scientist (POLYHISTOR).

He was a former docent, research staff, freelance journalist, pedagogist, visiting scholar, visiting professor or universal scientist in his homeland of "Austronesian area" - a "mythical lost paradise" which he viewed as an "alternative Atlantis"!

After finishing his academic program with a University Doctorandus Graduate Thesis on "Relections of War and Peace" (UI-Campus, 1988) he was appointed as an assistant lecturer or docent at his alma mater; but later, looking for some excitement, he decided to join the National Intitute of Sciences as a research staff. He has received a number of grants and scholarships from international institutions and has contributed in several international universities and scientific institutions in Western & Eastern European countries.

He is the original founder of 'Cosmoscopia' (Novel Holistic Visionary System), 'Kangrad International Society' & 'Visiondium' (Vision Compendium) and author of a wide range of literary works (fiction & non-fiction) since his high school days and wrote under many pen names; Digital Documentator of Medieval Monumental Legacy of Pasai & Prusai; Lexicographer of "Syncretism" & "Medieval Reconstruction". He was a former chief editor of several students journals, such as: "Aksara Siswa" & "Slavonik"; active editor of several digital documentary projects such as: World heritage newspaper "Pasai Post"; interactive international journals [Cosmoscopia Circles, Kantgrad Chronicles, Visiondium Review] & academic international journals [Eurasian Journal for Entrepreneurial, Pedagogical and Interregional Studies (EJEPIS) & Eurasian Journal for International, Polemological and Interfaith Studies (EJIPIS), etc.].

As a bibliophile & documentary film scholar, he had initiated several scientific archives or private libraries (including old manuscripts, incunabla & rare books) in Asia and Europe with a special interactive catalogue: "Catalogus Bibliothecae Cosmoscopiae"(MAI DAR International Private Web Heritage Library Initiative Networking System). As the founder of e-Transfer Corner (e-TC) in the University Town Marburg, he has tried to reconnect intensive exchange academies between Austronesian & Eurasian areas through blended online and in-person learning (online courses and in-person tutoring), which had been implemented in several campuses in the developing countries, especially in Southeast Asia. For his lifetime project, he has initiated a blueprint for a novel "Pasai Institute for Advanced Study", including academic diaspora acitivies (Loreley Valley - Diaspora College (LV-DC) & International Diaspora - Summer School (ID-SS). For both international diaspora pograms, as a universal scholar, he had developed several modules and workshops on "Creative Visionary Presentation"; "Comparative Good Governance"; "Vocational System of Handwerk-Mundwerk"; "Cosmoscopia Language Learning System", "Dialectic of Syncretism"; "Codices of Medieval Manuscripts for Modern Sciences" or theoretical seminars on "Kantian perpetual peace & Kantgrad utopian community sites" for future generation; "Schumpeterian entreptreneurial phenomenology" and "Roepkean strategy of innovation" for the underdeveloped countries or the humanitarian crisis areas of the world. His inter-university networking project in diaspora had been developed as an "ideal cooperation model" with several selected exellence universities and other partner institutions around the globe.

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[e-Transfer Corner]

(In the Spirit of the Great Patrons:

I. Kant, F. Hegel, E. Husserl, L. Gumilev & J. Schumpeter & more ...)


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e-TC/Mafex Foundation

Philipps-University Marburg, Germany

*** http://www.uni-marburg.de/etc ***


(Short Visionary Statement)


"Theoria cum praxi":

Partnership and Cooperation in the Principle of Perpetual Peace and Innovative Solution with phenomenological Approach, Schumpeterian System and Roepkean Strategy;


-- To inspire Kantian peace [vgl. "To a Perpetual Peace" (Pax Perpetua) by Immanuel Kant], stability and development in the "Austronesian-Eurasian area";

-- To introduce theoretical tenets of the relevant universal visions from Plato, Aristotle, AVEMPACE, Averroes, Aquinas, Lao Tse, Khaldun, Smith, KANT, Hegel, Marx, HUSSERL, Hildegard, Tolstoi, Weber, Kondratieff, Keynes, Walras, SCHUMPETER, Dempwolff, Galbraith, Gumilev, Sweezy, Roepke and after. The central paradigm will be given to the development of Schumpeterian system and Roepkean strategy as alternative approachment to analyse the dynamics of the "Austronesian-Eurasian area";

-- To synthesize the relevant universal legacies of Eurasian / Austronesian cosmology & Western / European cognitives through the centuries or critical value systems (from the universal legacy of the "German Idealism" and the "New Kantianism"; with special focus on the unique legacy of the "Marburger Schule"; the "Freiburger Schule" until the "Frankfurter Schule"), undoctrined cosmology, enlightened philosophy in phenomenological context, progressive science and innovative technology transfer for the dynamics of the globalized "Austronesian-Eurasian area";

-- To promote the global innovative Schumpeterian visions (vgl. "Vergangenkeit und Zukunft der Sozialwissenschaft", "Capitalism, Socialism & Democracy", "Business Cycles", "Ten Great Economists: From Marx to Keynes" & "History of Economic Analysis" (posthum) by J. A. Schumpeter as the prophet of innovation) for the people in the "Austronesian-Eurasian area";

-- To develope new subjects and perspectives of research and interdisciplinary studies of phenomenological perspectives including Schumpeterian Innovation & "Innovation Strategies" ala Roepkean (vgl. "Die Strategie der Innovation" by Jochen Roepke) in the context of "Austronesian-Eurasian area";

-- To initiate the alternative and efective strategies for the entrepreneurial orientation and innovation with couching, training, seminar, conference or special presentation around the supraregional "Austronesian-Eurasian area";

-- To support the relevant projects with sponsoring, fundraising, partnership, cooperation, teaching, coaching or educational alternatives for the dynamics of growth, good governance and reform perspectives in the "Austronesian-Eurasian area".

-- To promote the development of "Visiondium" (Vision Compendium) which coordinated by Cosmoscopia Club International (Coordinated by universal historian & phenomenologist Mai Dar) with its phenomenological Lecture Tours, etc.

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