PLAC8 localizes to the inner plasma membrane of pancreatic cancer cells and regulates cell growth and disease progression through critical cell cycle regulatory pathways

Supplementary information

Titles and legends to supplementary material

The following links provide access to raw data of the reverse phase protein array analyses:

Table S1: summary report

Raw data file 1

Raw data file 2

Raw data file 3

Raw data file 4

Raw data file 5

Raw data file 6

Raw data file 7

Raw data file 8

Supporting information: microscopy images and movie files

Figure S1: Quantification of Plac8 signal intensities

Figure S2: Plac8/PrP immunofluorescence

Movie 1: protease protection assay

Movie 2: Plac8-PrP-vesicle

Movie 3: FRAP assay

Movie 4: FLIP assay

Movie 5: TIRF assay

Supporting information: RNA-seq analyses

Figure S5: heat maps of differentially expressed transcripts

Table S2: list of differentially expressed transcripts

Table S3: results of Pathway Enrichment Analysis

Additional supporting information:

Figure S3: flow cytometric cell cycle analyses

Figure S4: no influence of Plac8 on Akt/phospho-Akt and c-myc

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