Association of the German Bee Research Institutes

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General Orientation

We are:

  • a union of national and private research, consulting and investigative organisations in support of the apicultural customer;
  • Institutes, which dedicate themselves to either or both basic and applied research;
  • competent country wide partners supporting beekeepers, federations, private -economic institutions, and authorities as well as the public;
  • scientific educational and training facilities;
  • an effective network for information exchange and co-operation.

We stand for:

  • independent and comprehensive research on bees and all aspects connected with bees, their use in apiculture and by society;
  • the protection and fostering of an ecologically well adapted bee population that provides an important pollination service for agriculture and the environment;
  • objective advice and specialized knowledge for educational and training courses, industry consultation and environmental appraisals.

We work:

  • on the basis of the scientific yardsticks of objectivity, reproducibility and transparency;
  • with authority and with specialised knowledge, grounded on the latest scientific results;
  • for the public interest;
  • independently;
  • co-operatively with third parties, in a spirit of mutual confidence, and goal-oriented;
  • together with other specialized institutions at national and international levels.