Marburg is a city in the heart of Germany. About 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of Frankfurt it is a university town with an 800 year history, with small crooked streets and lanes in the old town between the river Lahn and the castle on the hill. University flair set in an impressive surrounding countryside.

Landgrave Philipp (the magnanimous) founded the University in 1527. The first Nobel prize winner for medicine Emil von Behring gave Marburg, by his combining of science with business, the impulse to become a center for meetings and congresses.


The closest international airport is Frankfurt/Main. From there, Marburg can be reached by train every hour. The train ride takes approximately one hour. Marburg main station is located at the railroad line Frankfurt–Kassel and can regularly be reached by regional and intercity trains.

General trains in Germany: Deutsche Bahn AG

Commuter trains between Frankfurt Airport and Marburg(Lahn): Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund

From the west on the A45 (exit Herborn, then the B255), from the east on the A4 / A5 from Kirchheimer Dreieck (Exit Alsfeld, then continue on the B62), from north to the A7 and then continue on the A5 (Exit Alsfeld, continued on the B62) or the A49 from Kassel and continue on the B3, and from the south via the A5 and the A45 (exit Gießen Southern Cross, then continue on the A485 and B3).